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Corsin Parolini: A Grisonsman from Scuol on the wide sea...

I also studied in Graubünden

Corsin Parolini has packed the wide world in the Grisons mountains, at the Hotel Management School Passugg. He has taken with him the contact with different nationalities, an open-mindedness and a lot of curiosity...​

A Grisons native from Scuol is responsible for event concepts on the sea, how come?

During the SSTH in Passugg I already discovered my passion for events. After graduating successfully in 2001, I followed my great love to Berlin, where I worked for a PR agency for three years. My tasks consisted of planning and organizing events for the Federal Press Office. These were public occasions for citizens - for example on the then current topic of EU enlargement to Poland and the Czech Republic or «open days» for the federal ministries.
But then I was drawn back to the mountains and so we came to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Six more years I worked here in the event industry, planned and realized worldwide congresses with up to 2000 people, sports events and exclusive incentive trips.
At that time I met OceanEvent for the first time and together with the founder and CEO, Christian Mühleck, I organized my first maritime event: The best sales representatives of a pharmaceutical company were invited to a 5-day event on a ship. It went from Athens through the Saronic Gulf - with stops in Poros, Hydra and other Greek islands. Even then, the chemistry between us was right and I also found the business idea unique and fascinating. But I wanted to try something else and started my own business with consulting and sales activities.
I have always enjoyed approaching people and making contacts. That's why I have built up a valuable network in a wide variety of areas and industries throughout my entire career. I have also kept in touch with Christian Mühleck from OceanEvent since our joint event at sea. At the beginning of 2016 we decided to work together. Because our constellation is ingenious: networker meets navigator!
My focus is to establish OceanEvent's services in Switzerland as well, where we see a high potential in the large and medium-sized companies as well as in the many wealthy private individuals.

Who is OceanEvent GmbH?
OceanEvent is Europe's leading charter broker for events on exclusively chartered cruise ships and yachts. This results from our conviction that a ship is the best choice for events, incentives, congresses and private celebrations. Without transfers, without packing suitcases it leads the guests to the most beautiful places, beaches and bays of the world. The participants enjoy 100% privacy and the good feeling of being on the safest means of transport in the world. OceanEvent's task is to provide its customers (corporations, medium-sized companies and private individuals) with the suitable ship and to implement the individual wishes, timings and set-ups in close cooperation with the shipping company. We work out unique routings, calculate distances and lay times and negotiate these with the shipping companies. Complemented by spectacular landings, gala evenings on board and top-class entertainment, we develop unforgettable moments at sea and ashore. 

What is different on the ship than in a hotel, congress location or event location?
Variety, security, privacy, individualization and full cost transparency are the main advantages of an exclusively chartered ship compared to an event location on shore.

Variety: Without packing suitcases, without transfers, guests head for new destinations overnight.
Safety: According to a study by the US Security Agency, cruise ships are by far the safest means of travel and transportation in the world.
Individualization: For the duration of the charter, the cruise ship belongs to our customers. If they wish, we can build over the pool for product presentations, fashion shows or the exclusively flown in symphony orchestra. We stage shows and gala dinners on the outside decks or create the ultimate conference location.
Cost transparency: The calculation of a cruise ship for full charter is very simple: We negotiate charter rates for our customers, which usually include all costs - from accommodation and full board to fuel and port fees. Unlike conference locations on shore, there are no extra costs on board for the use of the professionally equipped show lounges. Event technology, conference catering and even drinks and tips are usually already included.
Hierarchies become blurred on board, and guests can relax and talk to each other. It is difficult for companies to measure the sustainability and efficiency of such moments in figures. They are noticeable at every moment of a cruise - and far beyond.

Where does the know-how come from to design such events?
Our customers benefit from the maritime know-how of the former yacht captain and OceanEvent founder Christian Mühleck. He plans each charter cruise individually with his team of nautical experts and event managers. Every year we scout new destinations and ships and the most unusual sea areas all over the world. In the Mediterranean and Northern Europe alone we have covered over 60,000 nautical miles. OceanEvent has been a partner of more than 24 shipping companies worldwide for many years. This gives us access to more than 280 cruise ships with capacities ranging from 16 to 2706 cabins.
How did your training at the SSTH help you in your career?
Certainly the contact with different nationalities, cosmopolitanism and curiosity. Today I playfully use the foreign languages learned or consolidated there - they also serve as a bridge to build trust. Through the many projects I have undertaken during my studies, I have become acquainted with the advantages of joint conceptualization. I still use that today and notice again and again how ideas only really take shape in a team and become perfect. The SSTH has given me the basis for entrepreneurial thinking and action. The regular presentations in various subjects trained my external image, but also my knowledge of human nature and my ability to sense the needs of my counterpart at an early stage. This enables me to meet customer needs beyond expectations - which gives me great pleasure and satisfaction. I consider the close combination of theoretically sound specialist knowledge by experts with practical implementation to be very good and important. This creates a great closeness to life and a constant practical relevance to the world of work.

What other contacts do you have with SSTH?
Unfortunately, I didn't cultivate my study contacts enough. But it would be exciting to find out where people have gone! I see an urgent need to catch up! There is still contact to the lecturer Manfred Wagner and I often think of my friend Beat Ardüser, who died much too early. Both have understood how to transport the true passion for their special fields in addition to their well-founded knowledge.

Who would you recommend the SSTH to?
To all those who are characterized by tolerance and openness and want to come into contact with many people in their lives.

What advice would you give to prospective or final students?
Go through life with open eyes and an open heart and absorb the versatility that such an international institution offers. Above all, use the absolute competence of the experts employed at the SSTH!

What else did you want to say?
Today, I benefit from the versatility of the training opportunities on offer, which led me from political events and events characterised by tolerance and acceptance to sporting motivational events in the alpine region and finally to an exclusive niche product at OceanEvent.


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