Educational location Graubünden

Educational Institutions in Tourism in Graubünden

«In Graubünden you simply have better prospects» is the motto of the Campus Tourismus Graubünden initiative. The motto also expresses the goal: by combining the educational providers in tourism and the hotel industry, the various courses of study are to be further optimised and coordinated so that graduates have even better chances on the job market. On the one hand, this is done by maintaining a close relationship to professional practice in the various study programmes offered in tourism and the hotel industry. On the other hand, the partner institutions support the transfer possibilities for students from the Higher Professional College for Tourims Graubünden (HFT GR) in Samedan and the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg to the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons FHGR. In addition, the various schools offer joint continuing education programmes. 

1.) The cooperation in initial education and teaching is intended to ensure that the student numbers of all participating educational institutions are sustainably secured on the basis of attractive offers.

2.) Through joint public appearances, the comprehensive range of education and training offerings is to be presented with the most efficient possible use of financial resources.

3.) The continuing education programmes in the tertiary sector (higher education institutions) and (higher professional colleges) will be optimally coordinated with one another.

4.) Graubünden as an important tertiary education and research location in tourism will be jointly and mutually promoted.

5.) Coordination and networking with additional partners from the worlds of education, research and work will be promoted.

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