Cooperation with business


Perhaps the alpine people of the Grisons have learned better to look beyond their own horizons, or rather beyond the mountain summit - but perhaps this is simply in the nature of things for successful companies. In the Canton of Grisons (Graubünden) you simply have better prospects!

Regardless of whether you are going to work in Graubünden in the future, move out into the wide world or come back to the Alpine region at a later date - you will already make contacts with business partners during your training and further education and network in the respective industry. Be it a case study, which in Graubünden usually takes place directly in front of the lecture hall, an internship or your final work in your course. The Campus Tourism cooperates with various partners from business, research and teaching - discover some examples of these cooperations... - a win-win situation for the economy as well as for the students.

Higher up - at the educational location Graubünden!