Great things are happening at the SSTH Hotel Management School Passugg

The school hotel has been rebuilt - over the summer the large dining room, the kitchen, the tea bistro with winter garden and the Paulaner restaurant were rebuilt.


Kitchen with view in and out
The joy of learning will be four times greater after the conversion. We now have enough space for professional cooking competitions at four identical stations. Not only the kitchen team enjoys this, but also the students. Another new feature is the patisserie bakery in its own generously designed room. From the quiet zone, students can watch what is being done through a viewing window. That makes you want more.

Elegant dining room
Waiting in line for lunch is a thing of the past. In the new dining room, we are now focusing on a free flow concept. If you like freshly prepared meals, you can watch how your menu is created thanks to the new Front Cooking concept. The wok is used for hot frying and stirring with passion. With so much feast for the eyes, the hall has to keep up, of course, so it gets a brand-new parquet floor. The students will love it.

The best for guests
The new focal point of the school hotel will be the day bar and the lobby restaurant. Modern architectural elements complement the venerable Grand Hotel charm and invite you to relax with fine homemade patisserie or a refreshing smoothie. In the Paulaner Restaurant, the kitchen, which is open to the guest room, offers a deep insight into the new Josper Grill, an elegant combination of grill and oven. Students and guests will be on fire.

In the peace lies the strength
The former lobby and reception area are the hub for students and lecturers. Here there are places to discuss, learn and relax. Modular units offer privacy and noise protection; furniture, light and colour design create the right atmosphere. Special treats are the two viewing windows into the patisserie bakery. These insights are sure to encourage stimulating discussions and whet the appetite for more.